Friday, August 15, 2008

Online Dating Tips - Profile writing advice on cooking!

Some online dating profile writing advice today...

I have bad news for all the guys who write about cooking for women in their profile... It has become an online dating cliché... one of those things that used to be unique, until 500,000 other guys started writing nearly the same thing too. If all your competition is saying the same thing, it holds little value at all for you.

Yes, you can jazz it up with all sorts of wonderful, descriptive details about succulent meats, crisp fresh vegetables and rare red wines... but when it comes down to it, you are still conveying the same thing as everyone else.

And the rule is... if every other guy is doing it, it’s bad. Period.

So am I telling you to kill any talk of cooking out of your profile? No. Instead, we’re going to kick it up a notch. BAM! (sorry Emeril). Remember rule #1 of online dating... BE DIFFERENT. So we are going to take cooking and spin it with something else.

Here are a few clips I’ve used to stand out from the crowd when it comes to talking about food. Sure, you can “borrow” them outright, but you’ll have better luck if you can adapt them to your own situation.

“I love to cook... but apparently so does every other guy on here, so I’m not going to bore you with details of what my kitchen smells like or how much you’ll drool at the table... because we’ll rarely eat at my place! I think if you have a great meal, you should also have a great location, so I’ve become the master of the picnic! I have 8 great spots around town, secluded, but with fantastic views that I’d love to take you to... you... me... dinner under the stars...”

The focus of this is to point out that you aren’t like other guys. The picnics are unique (a classic romantic image) and including her in the image/scenario never hurts. You could go on to describe what you are eating, or where you would take her, but a good picnic is absolutely a winner... and a rarity. Of course, this is for fair weather dating only...

Here’s another.

“You know where I’d love to take you on a date? The drive in. Come on, how long has it been since you’ve gone to one? Me, you, a screen the size of a building... and of course, I’m packing our own food... some pre-made BBQ chicken skewers, roasted potatoes, Greek salad, and a classic red wine... and of course, hot buttered popcorn from the concession building for dessert!”

Of course, if you don’t have a drive-in theater near you, this one doesn’t apply. If you do, it’s both a money date, and a fantastic hook in your profile.

And yet one more.

“Apparently, I’m the only guy on this site who ISN’T an aspiring gourmet chef... No, I’ve never taken cooking lessons, and my kitchen isn’t filled with aromas of stinky French cheeses and savory fresh weeds... Oh, I did consider cooking lessons, but I figured I’ve gotten this far on the skills mom taught me, I’d save my time and take massage lessons instead. I figured, after a long hard day at work, a foot rub always trumps a hot meal!”

This is the most definitive way of being different... shout it out up front! Poke a little fun at all the other guys! Women reading hundreds of men’s profiles will relate. You do need to fill in the blank with something else, in this case I chose massage skills, but it could be anything else, dancing skills or whatever... and of course, the shout out to good old mom never hurts.

Remember, whatever you do, it has to be significantly different than everyone else!

Cheers and happy dating!

Dylan Alexander

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