Thursday, February 7, 2008

Attack Of The Stuck Up Princesses

(Disclaimer: The girl on the left is in no way a stuck up princess. She's a very nice, very kind person who does a lot of work for charities... She just looks like a stuck up princess in the photo. Purely a coincidence to the headline!

A friend of mine asked me to review his online dating profile and asked what he was doing wrong... because the only girls that seemed to reply to him were stuck up princesses.

I answered instantly.
“If the girls you are getting are stuck up princesses... it’s because you are coming off as a stuck up prince.”

Here’s today’s online dating tip:
You Get What You Give.

If you write an online dating profile that is confident to the point it borders on arrogance...
If you write in a sense that places you on a pedestal above average men...
If you focus specifically on what a high value man you are...
If you are just a Prince without the Charming...
...You are going to get stuck up princesses.


Because people are attracted to that which they see in themselves!

So how do you attract the type of woman you want? Here’s a big mistake a lot of people make, they’ll write a shopping list something like the following in their profiles:
“I’m looking for a fun, 20-30 year old blonde, curvy but athletic, who is easy going and loves music.”

I can guarantee you one thing... No girl EVER reads a profile and says “oh my god, I’m a fun 20-30 year old blonde, curvy but athletic, easy going, and I love music! Holy shit, I’d better email this guy right away! I’m exactly what he is looking for!”

The truth is, no one cares about what YOU are looking for, they only care what THEY are looking for! The stuck up princess doesn’t read your shopping list about wanting a girl that’s fun and loves music! They are just naturally attracted to the stuck up prince because it is a mirror of who they are themselves!

So how do you get the person you really want?

First, you need a real dose of honestly about yourself. Who are you really, behind all the BS and macho factor? What do you love in life, what are your true passions? What are your critical values in life? What does your sense of humor get the best laughs at?

These are the things you need to write about in order to get the woman THAT IS THE RIGHT MATCH FOR YOU! When she reads you profile, she will see herself reflected in your words and be attracted to that. The more true to yourself you are in your profile, the more good matches you will find.

Now, there could be the possibility that you want to attract a completely different type of woman, just for the fun of it. To do that, you first have to analyze what that girl would see as her most important/attractive traits, and then you write about those things in yourself. So if you want to attract a young, fun party girl, you want to talk about the young/fun/party aspects of your life. If you want to meet the corporate/executive minded woman, you need to bring out similar aspects of your life. If you want to meet a free spirited hippy type girl, you need to... well, you get the idea.

Ultimately, just make sure you understand that if you present anything other than who you really are, you are BSing yourself and lying to her. It’s just another form of manipulation. Sure, you can get results... until you go on a date with her and she realizes you aren’t who she thought you were. But then again, I’m not here to judge, I’m just here to tell you how it works!

So if you aren’t getting the type of women who are well matched to you, take a serious look at your profile and ask yourself... “Is this really me?”

Happy Dating!

Dylan Alexander

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