Friday, August 1, 2008

Online Dating Advice - Women's top 5 online dating profile turn ons

Online Dating Tips - For Men: Women's top 5 online dating profile turn ons!

I recently had the opportunity to talk to a large group of women who were all online dating. When the chance came up, I took a little survey and asked them what really turned them on when they were reading a guy’s profile. Five things stood out above all the rest.

1. Spelling and punctuation – This won by a landslide. Good spelling and punctuation are a sign of intelligence and education, two prized traits for most women. This one is so easy to do too... simply write your profile in MS Word, and let it do all the work for you! You don’t need to know what a dangling participle is, but you’d sure better know the difference between “there”, “they’re”, and “their.”

2. A sense of humor – Saying “I’m funny” doesn’t count for anything! You need to actually display a sense of humor in your profile. This doesn’t always mean being funny, although if you can make her laugh, you are money! If you can’t make her laugh, then focus on displaying a more lighthearted sense of humor, showing her that you can joke about anything.

3. Effort in the profile – Doesn’t it kind of surprise you that women are turned on simply by guys who actually write a lot in their profile, demonstrating that they are willing to put effort into what they do? If you think about it, it actually makes sense... if you don’t put effort into the profile, you probably won’t put effort into much else in life either.

4. External interests – Women appreciate a man who cares about life outside himself, and takes interest or action in social, political, or environmental concerns. Caring about the local sports team doesn’t count, you need to display that you care for something above and beyond.

5. Masculine traits – Women love a manly man. Any way you can describe it in your profile, you’ll become more valuable to her. Remember, we are talking manly here, repairing a car counts, repairing your Playstation doesn’t. Climbing a mountain counts, playing Ultimate (sadly) doesn’t. Remember, illustrate each with an image filled description of a specific event!

Here are a few other traits that made the list:
- Upbeat, positive attitude
- Smiling in photos (this is massively important, guys!)
- Photos of you doing something fun/displaying a fun life
- Confidence without arrogance
- Passion or the pursuit of something (dreams, goals, aspirations)

Use this like a checklist, go over your profile and see how many of these you actually hit. If it isn’t all of them, it’s time to sit down and do a little more writing!

Cheers and happy dating!

Dylan Alexander

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